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      This is for Sunny giving me the best time in my life and the most love I have ever felt.I have lost my friend,my love.I am creating this page for Sunny because she was my true love my soul mate and my energy companion.Sunny and I connected on so many levels and had so much in common that it is very hard to except that she is no longer in this world with us in the physical form.I know what the next world is and I know where she is and all the love and energy she has is in and a part of us all now.
       Sunny is that once in a life time person that you rarely find,funny how I have been called that by many of you and I thank you all for this.Now imagine two once in a lifetime people meeting each other in the same lifetime and falling in love as friends,thats what we had.I got to no Sunny at work and from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew something was special because she was the Image in my head of a women.It was as if the Gods and Goddesses went into my brain and pulled Sunny out.The first thing I said to Sunny the first time I met her was "please don't take this wrong but you look amazingly like the women that sings along with meat loaf on the song Bat out of Hell"and of course the song is playing on the Juke as I
say this to Sunny.and she replied without saying a word at first but she stared right at and through me for a moment.... smiled and said "oh really now".I said "Yea she is beautiful and what a voice" and thats where it all began.We would talk for hours at work in txt on line about music,ancient civilizations and love between the God's and Goddesses,sounds like a romance novel hu.We knew each other only a short time and it was as if we knew each other for an eternity ... I know its cliche but now I know what it actually means and I hope ...and pray that each and every one of you can one day have what we had if even for a little while,you wont believe it but you will know it when it happens and you will never be the same again I promise you this.I asked her one day "Sunny what's your favorite color" and she said "Eddie I don't have a favorite color I love them all" that was the day I realized I was in love with her something so simple, as a favorite color was the answer to a much bigger
question,but I knew I had to keep it friendly because I have broken to many hearts in the past and I just could not do this to Sunny. This was so different in so many ways and on so many levels,I found love in its truest and purest form.I fell in love with Sunny for who she is and the day I told her "I love you" and she said she loved me to ,the world could have ended at that moment and I would have been a ok with it. When ever we would meet up the energy was almost unbearable,all things around us seemed to stop and it was as if the whole world was paying attention to us and giving us all there energy . We would hug each other to share all that energy and it was like nothing I or Sunny had ever felt. I would tell  Sunny often how beautiful she was and that she was a descendant of the God's and Goddesses, it always came out naturally when I said these things to her as if they were being spoken by the univers itself. I remember the first day I heard Sunny sing,we were at the bar working together and she was trying to be kind of discreet about it but I
almost lost my balance because my knees got week when I heard her voice,it was angelic and so soothing,like the fires of hell would stop just to hear this sound coming from Sunny beautiful mouth. Sunny would always get so excited when I would walk in and I would get excited when I would see Sunny whenever and wherever we could. Sunny and I shared the same beliefs in the God's and Goddesses and the myths of Egypt and Sumer in the ancient world. The mental attraction was there and the spiritual attraction was there. Here it is true love unconditioned,so I decided to go back into the studio and do one more album based on all these things Sunny and I would talk about,the first track is called C THE SUN for a reason. Sunny brought me back from the dead. I gave up on creating music in a world that would rip it apart anyway, but Sunny gave me a new outlook on it and life I really just wanted to show off a little bit to the girl I love. So it turns out to be the best album I have ever done and it gets world wide fame.Bam!! now I have my cake and eat it. This is just my little story about Sunny that I know she would want to share with all of you,because it is not a sad story,but a story of how one person could do so much for so many in such little time,that
is true power,that is true love,that is truly Godlike, and we can all spread her love just as Sunny did. Sunny touched us all in so many different but good ways, she had something very special about her that just mad love as easy as drinking water. Each person that knew Sunny had a special look in there eyes that was not there before they met Sunny. Sunny and I shared beliefs that there is a very special thing about human life and the connection between us and our God's and Goddesses. once in a while one of them come down and cast themselves upon us to give us a taste of things to come.In the way they do this is by sharing there energy with us,the Egyptians call it the ka ,the Sumarians call it the spirit. Many beliefs around the globe have a name for it in one way or another,and now I have a name for it .... Sunny.I know what true love is now,what it looks like,feels like,tastes like and sounds like and I am thankful to the my God Enki,the God's and Goddesses,my spirit guides and most of all to Sunny for sharing this time with me that she did and helping me to do something as a man I never dreamed would happen in my lifetime. and I hope and pray that because I now know what I am looking for that I can find it again. Thank you I will always love you,your friend 4 ever    Eddie!!!

Sunny left this world on dec 15 2013 and she took my heart with her


"and the God's and Goddesses asked a question "How will they ever remember us?"
    and the answer was spoken "because of her.... how could they ever forget"              E LAFUENTES    


               c u in the next world