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INTERVIEW: E Lafuentes

by Cyrus Rhodes








BRONX) New York based Goth-Electronica-Metal composer, artist E Lafuentes just releases his latest CD E-Magic in 2013. Reading from his bio:There are plenty of magical music in the world but none have touched Ed’s heart and soul like HEAVY METAL, From the darkness of Black Sabbath to the speed of Slayer, The evil of Venom to the hard core of S.O.D.,the doom of Candlemass and the horror of Alice Cooper and the necromantical sounds of Celtic Frost. This music is an onslaught of magic and power that moves the body and stimulates the soul. THUNDERING bass and Chugging guitars, CANNON FIRE DRUMS and a Rainbows of Vocals with WAVE CRASHING Synths come together in a colossal collision of majestic music that is blessed by the God’s and Goddesses themselves, this is E LAFUENTES.

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IMD In lieu of your latest release what do you want the fans to take from your music?

EL I never try to trivialize my own music, what something means to me might mean something different to others, its important to let the music speak for itself .I'm sure there are fans that will get what I felt and expressed in the songs and I'm sure that there are fans that will get a different message. But that is one of the things that makes being an artist so cool, hearing others talk about what this means and that means just goes to show how similarly different we all are. The only thing I ask of the fans is to PLAY IT LOUD!!!

IMD How did this latest release come together?

EL Some time ago I was sitting down at SOUND WARS and SOUND METHOD STUDIOS in HOBOKEN NJ plug plug plug.I was BSing with friend's Laz (Ill Nino)and Billy(S.O.D) my brother Johny Pyro(Pantheon,eng Ill Nino) about music and me possibly doing another album, as that I have not done an album in over 10 years or performed for that matter as well. We were talking about ancient civilizations and all that cool stuff, listening to the new Ill Nino and new Billy Milano projects at the time and I felt inspired. It was very different this time around I had no label backing me up,no band and no producers, this was going to be a solo project in every sense of the word. Laz was always a big influence on me sense we were kids in school together and I knew if I started to get down about the overwhelming work involved he would have some positive input for me, kinda like the boot in the ass when you need it.I also got back in contact with my last producer and friend Dennis Bell(U2,Lenny Kravitz) for some advice from the MASTER ,So I went in to my recording studio up in the Bronx and I Locked the door, light some incense and candles drew some symbols called on the creator God Enki and this is what came out  E MAGIC by E LAFUENTES a BAD ASS METAL ALBUM lol. I mean there was a lot of work time and money put into it but I really love doing this and I cant stress the fact that the money has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. I did this album for myself, my love for music and my now growing fans. I had a kid tell me online the other day that his favorite song was Slayer's WAR ENSEMBLE but now his new favorite song is E LAFUENTES BREATH OF GOD, man come on there is no amount of money gold or diamonds that can buy that for me, sure he will change his mind in a week or so, and have a new favorite song, I did the same thing when I was 15 but for that moment for that kid to take the time out to say that about something I wrote ...and from SLAYER to E LAFUENTES....I love this job

IMD Who were some of your top musical influences for you growing up?

EL Black Sabbath, Queen, Earth Wind and Fire, C.D.B,Slayer, Cromags, S.O.D, Run DMC, Pink Floyd, The Who, Zepplin, Madonna. I love them all and they all had a big influence in my life and my music. One of my biggest influences was a rock opera from the 70s called Jesus Christ Superstar, it was a master piece of hard rock and ancient civilization with some of the top rock stars of the time as a part of the show, and the really cool thing is that my old producer Dennis Bell was the conductive coordinator for that rock opera ha ha just a little something I like to share, its a small world and there's lots of cool stuff just waiting to happen to you if you let it.

IMD What's the best concert you have ever been to/performed at?




"I never try to trivialize my own music, what something means to me might mean something different to others, its important to let the music speak for itself."


 - E Lafuentes -



EL I have seen a lot of shows and performed a lot of shows. The craziest I have scene was SLAYER NY ritz 86 REIGN IN BLOOD TOUR, The biggest was Pink Floyd Yankee Stadium Bronx NY 94,the most influential without a doubt DIO 86 NY MSG. There really is something special about each and every band I have ever scene that makes them all the best so I cant really narrow it down to one. Now as far as performing the kayos and mishaps of live shows, the feeling in your throat, the thundering of the drums, the ear bending guitar, and the brain crushing bass, and screaming fans ...I LOVE THEM ALL every show I have had the honor of playing was terrifying and the best at the same time, nerve racking and satisfying. They all have there moments that make them the best.

IMD Tell us about this latest CD and is there one track that really stands out for you?

EL I had a lot of fun recording, performing and eng this album from start to finish. I had Laz and Pyro co produce this with me but I went into my studio and dropped the whole thing myself. There was no pressure at all so I could really let go of what I had and go crazy. I mean no time to have to stop your session because your out of time or money is a huge plus for the freedom of the music. No other band members to argue with or compromise your music with( nothing against having a band just not this time around) I dropped all the tracks myself, wrote all the tracks myself and produced all the tracks. It was a lot of work but it was a lot of fun. Then experimenting as I went along was awesome. The whole album comes from my heart and there is not one part on this album that is not a part of me. I love all the track's but I do have to say N.Y.C.S gets my blood pumping and that song was going to be removed from the album early because it wasn't ready. So I went back in and re recorded the drumming structure of the song and man it kicked me in the head. I really felt my hardcore roots coming through on this one...go figure                                        

IMD How have you changed and evolved as an artist over the last few years?

EL I have not changed a thing I have just gotten better at doing it, like anything you progress and grow .I can say this, it is the first album I have done sober and that scared the hell out of me because I had know idea what was gonna come out lol. I quit drinking because it was time to stop after 25 yrs of hard core boozing, and I had a great time drinking and wouldn't change it for the world but everything comes to an end, so before I came to an end I had to stop. But I am still the same as I was then, maybe a little more crazy then I once was and more in love with women then I ever was but I have not changed as an artist or as a person as they are one in the same.

IMD What's the best/worst thing about being an artist from your local?

EL It is all around awesome for me, I love the people the places the girls the food the family the friends. We got a lot of awesome people here in NY. But the music scene is very dry now, not enough ven's to support local acts, its not like it once was, but that is a part of life and it will come back around soon enough. It just means you gotta work harder for your dinner thats all, and if you love what you do then dinner can always come out of a can or soup bowl lol, I have had my share of bologna dipped in Chinese food mustard dinners or one of my personal loves bread crumb patty's, that was a treat ...4 half ass rock stars rent the first floor of a two fam, BIGGEST stereo system in The Bronx, with just enough money to get a jar of 4c bread crumbs, add water make it into a patty shape and fry it up for dinner eeemmmm good. Trust me... try it ,you could live on it for years it should be put in all survival packs for the dooms day preppers  haha. But there is plenty to inspire an artist in this town for ten lifetimes.

IMD What's the best thing about performing live?

EL Its the real deal. There is no hiding up there, put up or shut up.It is the only true test of yourself and your art, AND ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.I cant stress that enough. WOW did they get it right in SPINAL TAP. I have performed in bands that were simple, and I have performed in bands that used pyro. Let me tell you I loved every second of it, but its twenty to forty minutes of "what els can go wrong?....are the flash pots gonna go off?,....did we remember to load the confetti cannons?....did my teck tune me?.....is that the groupie from the last show that followed me home?....are we going to be on time?....are we at the wrong venue?....wheres our drummer?....wheres our drums?...aaaaahhhhhh!!!! and the scream you thought you let out in your head you screamed out into the mic and the crowd screams right back at ya AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! and at that moment, that very moment.....you are on top of the world,...that's HEAVY METAL,....and that's the best thing about performing live. Its all right there at that moment, are you going to get your ass kicked or are you going to KICK ASS. and my answer has always been "ARE YOU READY FOR US TO KICK YOU FU..ING ASS" I think that answers that question.

IMD Any touring scheduled to support your latest effort?

EL Nothing as of yet but I am talking to a few tour manager friends of mine and some potential band members, so we will have to see what The God's and Goddesses have planed for that stage of the MUSIC and MAGIC

IMD What's next for E L

EL Getting ready to do a follow up album, might have a few special guests on this one, we will see what happens. I always have a thing or two up my sleeve. I would like to say thank you for the interview it was fun and my pleasure, thank you to all the fans, without you this doesn't work, thank you to my friends and family and thank you to Enki and the God's and Goddesses of creation I love and thank you all.




interview conducted by Cyrus Rhodes. Property of Indie Music Media LLC.

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E Lafuentes

1.So why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Edward Lafuentes,I am a musician,audio engineer,producer.I m a Bronx born boy but have been all over… Heaven and Hell included,I have worked with many bands and producers,in the studio and on the stage like Pantheon and The Cannables,Dennis Bell producer(Lenny Kravitz,U2) Laz Pina(Ill Nino,Sound Wars Studios Hoboken NJ)Johnny Pyro Lafuentes( Pantheon,Sound Method Studios Hoboken NJ)and many more.I lust for the magic in music and the feelings that it brings out in us all,each note that is played has a particular vibration that opens up a world of magic within us all and it’s like no feeling I have ever had,especially the low ended musics that drive it home like HEAVY METAL.


2.How did you guys put this band together?

One man, just me baby, just me. I had good and bad times as anyone in this business will tell you,I have had the honor of playing with some of the best musician’s that the God’s have blessed this planet with,but…..This had to be done alone for the most part,in order for me to get the music,lyrics,recording,engineering,producing and performing of each instrument the way it had to be, I had to do this myself,so I guess you could say I was possessed by the Metal Gods but they only Needed one man to conquer this project.


3.What’s the story behind your stage name?

I wasn’t sure what this project was going to be called let alone my stage name,so I figured that I would just go with the project name all around and keep the E alive as the E in my name Edward and the E in the creator God Enki from Sumerian myth’s name and then as I got into about the second year of recording,yea year two it took a long ass time but was worth every second of it,I think I had seen my last name for the first time that I can remember in bold print in an old metal mag or a dream or something -LAFUENTES- boom there it was my name as my stage name,is that a kick in the head or what E LAFUENTES it was meant to be haha.


4.What are your music influences

Well….a very wide variety of music inspires me in life,everything from Earth,Wind and Fire to Venom,and from The Charlie Daniels Band to Celtic Frost.I really do love it all,but….the big bad boys of the metal world have always had my heart my soul and my ear they are Black Sabbath,Slayer,cromags,S.O.D.,Venom,King Diamond,Mercyful Fate,Metallica,Kiss,Twisted Sister,Dio,Deep purple,Rush,Van Halen,Ill Nino,Kitty,my mom,Anthrax and Megadeth,there are lots more and I love them all but there is not enough space for all those God and Goddesses of Metal I love and thank them all.


5.So in what way does magic inspire your music?

AH the question that is on many minds. Everything I do is magic from my music to the words I speak, I have always had a fascination with ancient civilisations and their practices,from everyday living to their outstanding beliefs in God, Goddesses and MAGIC.This belief that they had influenced everything they did from procreation to music,and it is accounted for in civilisations across the globe,from the Egyptians to the Sumerians,from the Nors tribes to the Dogon tribes finding that they all say the same thing”The God’s came and gave them gifts,like steel,agriculture,life and MAGIC,so that they can have better lives” inspired me to look deeper into these myths and practices for myself and well…I found what I was looking for,and I couldn’t think of a better way to express this than through Music,as it is one in the same with magic,it really is up to the individual to find the MAGIC for themselves but trust me it’s there you just have to look for it and ask yourself one question”Do you believe in MAGIC?”haha ask yourself “Do you believe in what you believe or what your told to believe?”I think the answer just might be a revelation for most people to question their belief structure and open their mind to other things.I am not trying to change anybody in their belief,in fact this has only made my beliefs stronger,but I do think that all the cards should be on the table if people are going to play the game of life,and the powers that be have had these cards well-kept from the other players for too long and I’m just giving out a few ace’s haha.


6.What’s your song writing method?

My song writing methods vary.Almost all the time the rhythm starts plugging at my brain,a short hook is what it is,and if it stays with me the rest of the day,then I know it’s a potential song.Ill take a few days to develop a strong foundation of breaks,verses and other memorable riff’s.The drums and bass are where it’s at for me,I’ve got to have that strong and hard or it doesn’t work,get the guitar to embrace the bass lines for the rhythm and then add some nice harmonies with a second and third guitar followed by some properly placed synths,Then when all is done I will put lyrics over the music depending on the feel,sometimes no lyrics are necessary and it becomes an instrumental.


7.E MAGIC.Why don’t you tell us more about the writing and recording process?

Well I have my cake and eat it too on this Question,I have a pro recording studio Demon Rose Studios up in Da Bronx, so this makes it much more easy and less expensive for me to do a project. I have made my bones over the years and worked my ass off for this and it was well worth it. As I said before I start with the bass n drums I set up a dummy drum track,a good one so as not to miss out on something usable later in the project, lay down the bass and c where it goes from there. There are a few tricks up my sleeve that I will take to Valhalla so that’s where I gotta stop on the recording process, I always have incense, candles and my symbols hanging while doing this, it keeps my mind and Magic flowing at one with the music,producing,mixing and Mastering are my game as well, but I always get a second,third and fourth ear on the mix from one of my producer friends, this is a very important step in the process because you get humdrum after a few hundred hours with music, so get an outside opinion, the rest is up to God.


8.Why the title?

E MAGIC is open for whatever people want it to be but I can tell you this,there’s MAGIC in the E haha.


9.So are you hitting the road?

I wasn’t planning to even put a band together for this project but the album has such a good response on a global yet underground level I think I have to call some of my old tour manager bud’s,and musician friends and kick it in USA in 2014 and take it  from there.


10.What have been one of the most hilarious moments you have been in while touring or playing a gig?

Ok well, back then this was kinda messed up but back in late 90s early 2000 with the band PANTHEON. It was the show from hell from the get go, Lamour Brooklyn NY, packed house AC blows out the power, they get the system working but can’t run the AC or they blow the power again its hotter than hell,synths shut down during songs,our confetti cannons go off but fail to fire,our smoke machine’s wont turn off and our sound guy is telling us through the PA that he can’t see the band anymore,the flash pot’s trigger unexpectedly,my guitarist snaps his les paul neck because he can’t see the guitar boat through the smoke,and I trip over one of the stage props into the crowed and get into the pit to make it looks good, now thats some funny stuff and the crowed was none the wiser until now haha… all good…


11.So what’s next in the E Lafuentes world?

A follow-up album is coming out soon…


12.Where can we find out more about your music?

you can go to

band web http://www.elafuentesmagic.com

promo      http://www.reverbnation.com/elafuentes

social      http://www.facebook.com/pantheondemon13

social      http://www.twitter.com/pantheondemon13

store’s     itunes,amazonmp3,google play and all major internet stores