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E Magic - Album Info & Credits

posted Jun 17, 2013, 3:56 PM by Johnathan Lafuentes   [ updated Jun 20, 2013, 10:59 AM ]
Song Titles:
  1. C The Sun
  2. Breath Of God 
  3. ANU 
  4. God Of War 
  5. Mission EA 
  6. On The Bar Rock Star 
  7. Don't The Dead 
  8. King No Name 
  9. Live For Ever 
  10. Save Me 
  11. N.Y.C.S. 
  12. Magic 
All music n lyrics written and preformed
by Edward Lafuentes
©2013 Edward Lafuentes all rights reserved 

Special Thanx to

Enki and the Gods n Goddesses for whom without nothing is possible,Friends and Fam,(Mom,Dad,Nat,John 4 being a part of everything i do and blessing it),(Buff,Rob 4 help through the tuff times and the party times),(Laz Ill Nino,Rick Shang hi fye,Rolland Shang hi fye,Marybell,Mom and Dad Pina 4 always being a big part of my life and inspr 4 music),Chris l and fam for there frienship,Cristian Ill Nino M for showing me that metal can have just as much balls when u sing over it ,(Bill Milano 4 insp words n music 2 actually do this lp )Dennis Bell n family SBDNY 4 showin me the ropes of the buiss (all the girls,staff and bosses at The Patriot in Manhattan crazy but I luv them all),(Sunny 4 insp and being very special)(Joe n all the boys at the bar)all the bands I've ever worked on,in or shared the stage with,all the fans and friends that have kicked ass with the music and myself thru thick n thin with lots a gin,all the soldiers trying to make the world a better place for all of us in every land,all the bands that have blessed the world and myself with there music and luv,from the bottom of my magic filled heart I THANK AND LUV U ALL.

The world is filled with magic
but there's nothing thats so tragic 
as a life that just goes past it
without the chance to grasp it

E Lafuentes ENJOY

This album was recorded and produced by 
Edward Lafuentes @ Demon Rose Studios Bronx N.Y.

and co produced by John Pyro Lafuentes and Laz Ill Nino Pina
@ Sound Wars studio Hoboken N.J.
@Sound Method studio in Hoboken N.J.



This album was recorded with:

  • Yamaha-2816 
  • TC-Helicon-Voice Works Vocal Processor
  • Boss-Dr 880
  • Digitech-guitar and bass Processor's 
  • Behringer-Ultragain pro 8 digital ada8000
  • Alesis-Synths
  • MXL-microphones 
  • Roland-studio monitors
  • Yamaha-studio monitors
  • Roland-TD 30 Drums
  • Sound Percussion-Drum styx and stands
  • Pearl-Kick pedals
  • Kramer-Guitars
  • Ibanez-Bass
  • Fender-Pics
  • Samson-Cables