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And the voice spoke up again, saying: Endubsar, son of Eridu city, my faithful servant. I am

your lord Enki, I have summoned you to write down my words, for I am much distraught by

what has befallen

Mankind by the Great Calamity. It is my wish to record the true course of the events, to let

gods and men alike know that my hands are clean. Not since the Great Deluge had such a

calamity befallen the Earth and the gods and the Earthlings. But the Great Deluge was destined

to happen, not so the great calamity. This one, seven years ago, need not have happened. It

could have been prevented, and I, Enki, did all I could to prevent it; alas, I failed. And was it

fate or was it destiny? In the future shall it be judged, for at the end of days a Day of judgment

there shall be. On that day the Earth shall quake and the rivers shall change course, and there

shall be darkness at noon and a fire in the heavens in the night, the day of the returning

celestial god will it be. And who shall survive and who would perish, who shall be rewarded and

who will be punished, gods and men alike, on that day shall it be discovered; for what shall

come to pass by what had passed shall be determined; and what was destined shall in a cycle

be repeated, and what was fated and only by the heart's will occurring for good or ill shall for

judgment come.